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LENUS Integrated Anti-Virus Guard
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Hocheng Group is known as a leading industry in the production of traditional ceramics and brass goods. With the launching of the "LENUS Integrated Anti-virus Guard”, Hocheng reached the top of the category for Electronic Products.

In 2020, the world was greatly affected by the rapid growth of the pandemic, forcing multiple cities to shut down their barriers and suspend all work operations for personal safety and protection. On the contrary, the pandemic has been relatively slow in Taiwan, which helped us think of innovative ways to incorporate our experiences in contributing our parts to the world.

With the advantages of Taiwan's Industry in high-tech electronic components and AI artificial intelligence, HCG launches "LENUS Integrated Anti-Virus Guard." It features fully equipped face recognition, body temperature detection, and automatic alcohol spraying. A compact device made for daily security and safety check to adapt to the new normal.


"LENUS Integrated Anti-Virus Guard" has a warm orange display color that brings out warmth and vitality to every user, emphasizing a user-friendly experience for everyone.
With its high-technology feature, LENUS also interfaces an automatic gate control management system to assist in attendance management which sets guest portraits to facilitate the flow of people.
Start a smart move upon setting up the equipment with this Smart technology which features an automatic door system and customized welcome voice with different languages (more than 10 options), including Hokkien and Tagalog.
It brings both protection and consideration to all the users.