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UniDry Ultra Thin Pull on Pants
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UniDry Ultra Thin Pull on Pants is the newest baby diaper launched by Taisun International, and what makes it special is that it is also the first ultra thin diaper available on the Vietnamese market. What about the ultra thin diaper that makes it so desirable? Well, this diaper's design directly addresses the need of parents for a convenient diaper to use when they are outside with their baby.

Our main innovation is the 3.5mm ultra thin thickness that comes with even more absorbent power due to a break through in the production process. This ensures that even the most active babies will not cause any leakage in our diaper and also relieves parents from carrying large bags of diapers around.

Of course we take quality very seriously, and that is why this diaper only uses world class materials, and have numerous international certifications like the GMP and Expertox (the most vigorous international testing institution on toxicology). What we offer is a product that truly caters to the parents' needs, quality sound, and completely safe for the baby's health.


Only 3.5mm ultra thin and breathable.
Innovative precore structure for hyper absorbent powers.
Convenient wear and take off pull on pants design.
Only brand in Taiwan and Vietnam to have Expertox non-toxic certification.
Superb touch feel softness, perfect for sensitive skin.