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DDK saddle innovative design concept DDK COMFORT PLUS Normally from 65%-95% of riders who are riding a bicycle for a long time, causing the seat bones to compress the perineum, which affects riding comfort and riding Performance.

This innovative design concept (decompression/shock absorption) can provide riders with a comfortable seat cushion based on the width of the ischium and the angle of riding.

  1. Decompression: Double foaming (memory foaming) and (supporting foaming)

    *Ischia Memory Foaming: DDK Ischia Point Memory Foaming gives the rider a sweet spot on the ischium, helping the rider to quickly find the seat position during riding to effectively pedal performance.

    *Supporting high-elastic foam: After the rider is positioned on the ischium, the high-elastic foam supports the rider's weight on the seat cushion, giving the rider an effective and comfortable stepping.

  2. Shock absorption bottom shell: The innovative design concept of the DDK bottom shell directly touches the vibration amplitude transmitted by the riding speed by the position of the ischium. Riding bottlenecks caused by the vibration of the rider's load, so the DDK dual shock absorber bottom shell design can bring a direct effect of shock absorption during riding.

The innovative concept of DDK COMFOR PLUS is that after the rider's decompression/shock reduction, he can find both healthy and happy riding during aerobic and happy riding! This concept provides consumers with 8 models based on seat width + riding angle Test ride options.


Corresponding models
Choose the width of the ischium
Choose the inertia of the ride
* Sports type: It is recommended to choose DD073F or DD3736MF
* Long distance type: It is recommended to choose four types: DD153/123MF or DD3153/3123MF
* Comfort: It is recommended to choose DD053F or DD3053MF.